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When considering special transport in the Netherlands, you should consider: transport of machines, wide loads or for example long transport. For machines, think of large production machines, for wide loads, think of loads wider than 2,50 meters and for long transport, think of loads with a length of more than 16,50 meters. For this type of transport, the necessary permits often have to be applied for and in some cases guidance by one or more recognized transport supervisors is also required. To ensure that your special transport in the Netherlands (and beyond, if desired) runs completely without worries, it is wise to call on us – OTN Europe. Our more than 30 years of experience in special transport in the Netherlands helps us to completely relieve your worries.

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Laws and regulations for special transport in the Netherlands

As mentioned earlier, various laws and regulations apply in the Netherlands in the field of special transport. For example, for certain widths, certain lengths and certain weights, you must apply for an exemption in order to be allowed to transport it. If a load is wider than 2,50 meters, you need an exemption. If a load is wider than 3,5 meters, an escort of that transport is also required, depending on the route. If the length of the transport is more than 16,50 meters, you must also apply for a permit. There are different laws and rules for all kinds of different details. Do you want to know whether your special transport is possible in the Netherlands, which laws and regulations apply and which permits need to be applied for? Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Why should you engage OTN for special transport in the Netherlands?

Why you should use OTN for special transport in the Netherlands can actually be found in five important key points.

We are happy to arrange everything for you as a customer, from feasibility research to permit applications and from loading and supervision to unloading the transport. We are your partner.

Special transport in the Netherlands, provided accurately and safely

Delivered to your destination completely safely and according to plan, that is what we strive for time and time again and what we do everything for. Because good preparation is half the battle when it comes to special transport, we ensure that we always prepare everything very well. In addition, we work exclusively with specialist partners who know exactly what they are doing. Our expertise, combined with the expertise of our partners, ensures that we can carry out any special transport in the Netherlands to the client's satisfaction. During this transport we take the special load, possible obstacles and other road users into account, so that we are never faced with any surprises.

Let OTN Europe help you

Do you have to transport a huge machine from A to B? Do you have part of a wind turbine that needs to be transported to its final location? Do you have a particularly wide load that you need an exemption and the right trailer to transport? In other words: do you need a partner who can help you with special transport? Then OTN Europe can help you. We take everything off your hands and take care of your transport from A to Z. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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