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Long transport throughout Europe

Transport of loads no longer than the standard dimensions can be transported in a normal manner. Exemptions and the correct preparations are required for particularly long transport. At OTN we specialize in long transport (also called length transport) and are happy to take it off your hands. We also take care of the permit application and other preparatory work. We do this not only in the Netherlands and not only for long transport, but we provide all types of special transport throughout Europe.

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Laws and regulations for long transport

A permit must be applied for for transports with a truck and trailer longer than 16,50 meters. Our years of expertise and accurate calculations when it comes to long transport ensure that we are always granted the permits we apply for. That's because we know how the rules work and what to expect. For transport with a length of up to 22 meters, a long-term exemption can be requested. For even longer transport, with lengths of up to 60 meters, an incidental exemption can be requested. If you call on the help of OTN, we will ensure that all laws and regulations regarding long transport throughout Europe are complied with, so that your transport is carried out in a safe and legal manner.

Why should you use OTN for long transport?

As we indicated above, we have built up our knowledge and expertise through more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Partly thanks to that experience, we know very well what we need to take into account in the field of long transport. In addition, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We do this by always completely unburdening our customers. From feasibility studies and permit applications to actual delivery at the destination, we arrange everything. We do this not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. So do you have special transport that needs to be transported from A to B in Europe? We will then arrange this from A to Z.

Long transport, accurate and safe

Every meter that a transport is longer requires different calculations and entails different risks. To ensure that longitudinal transport runs smoothly at all times, we always work very thoroughly and only work with highly specialist partners. It's not just about the transport to be transported, but you also have to deal with obstacles and other road users. That is why good preparation is very important. With the help of these good preparations, our expertise in the industry and our close collaboration with specialist partners, we ensure that every transport is carried out accurately and safely.

Let OTN Europe relieve you of your worries

Does part of a wind turbine need to be transported? Do you have a crane that can only be partially dismantled, but needs to be moved to another location in Europe? Are you responsible for the delivery of length profiles? In short: are you looking for a reliable partner in the field of special transport? Then you have come to the right place at OTN Europe. We will take care of everything regarding your special transport. Contact us and ask your question. We are happy to help you.

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